Monday, May 11, 2009

遊びの日@t Sunway Lagoon Extreme Park and Sunway Pyramid

Today me and st went to Extreme Park and Ice Skating. It was really fun..hahahhaha.Full of Satisfaction and Enjoyment....hehehe....first, we go extreme park first..b4 that we went to visit the tiger again see whether they still healthy not or more bigger not?but then...the tiger was so lazy..everyday sleep..zZZzZzz

Then, we went to play the paintball. It was really amazing.,i had successfully hit the target..i dun have much chance to take picture..bcx we both are busy play and play.nvm..we already remember and experience it the extreme park activities....then, we went to play the bike (not sure the real name..==" but it has 4 wheel on it) St was having a tough time controlled her vehicle..she keep knock the tree while we ride into a small and narrow road...the funny thing is...till we end this bike, i only knew that st's slippers dropped at somewhere around while was so funny that st can still pretend to be normal till the end.but the staff there successfully found her slippers.

Then, we went to play Kayak and boat.It was really fun!!but is quite tired cx need to use our hand n feet to control the kayak and, we went up the stairs to play the Flying Fox.It was so CoooooL....Luckily, i not scared of height..:). Unfortunately, we was unable to play the jumping and rock climbing bcz of the hot weather...=.="sad...

After that, we went to have our lunch at Sakae Sushi.then we went to play ice skating.St was great cx she was able to balance and skate without holding.She was the 1st time playing but can handle well the, we both wan to practice and try how to stop the skating...unluckily, we fall down..can said that, was my i loss of balance and fall down n make st also fall had few scratch on knee.

Today we drank a lot of water...1 mineral water at lagoon, few cups of green tea at sakae, bubble tea while shopping after iceskating, n 1 mineral water aging while in asiajaya waiting 4 bus..drank a lot in a 6 hours.

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