Sunday, May 10, 2009


This was art therapy with ms chee, our counseling lecturer in UTAR. It is the day that we use art to express our anger feelings. u know y pig head is not in some of the pictures during we doing the art?is because she is busy taking photo here n there..but of cx, she manage to take photo with us and help us in later combining arts.hahahhaha

This was the day we went to Bukit Gasing. Actually this is t5 plan bcx they want to train their stamina before going to Taman Negara. Even though i not going, but i wan to train myself also bcx i start to change myself to healthy lifestyle. Engaging more in sport activity for this final semester. Pig Head said i m the 1st person who influence other piggies to engaging in sports..good to hear that..hahahahhaha

Piggies badminton days with some of the T5 guys. Again, pig head is not in as usual, she was bz taking photo...she was practicing her photography skills.

This was the day we (me, wt n wern) were planning the days to celebrate birthday of another 2 piggies, yy (pig head) n st (pig stomach). hahahahha... the planning including trip to sunway lagoon and dinner with T5 at New Paris Restaurant. Between that, we 3 gave a big surprise to that 2 piggies...they had cried on that day...It is the day, the happiest day that we had together in the final semester..the surprise we gave them is our handmade orea cheesecake n a present with full of UTAR frens signatures n handmade mini cake plush dolls. We 3 piggies had plan n tell a lot of lies to keep them from knowing we were preparing the cakes n presents.....but, at last, we also finally successfully gave them the surprise.

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