Sunday, April 19, 2009


just want to hope that i able to pass all the subjects taken. it is the final exam to complete my degree course. felt stress....hope to be able to graduate with my importance friends especially with piggies,T5-rian and cloverian. I also hope they all able to get good results..Ganbarimasu~!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Graduation Photo Taking Day (23/3/2009)

This day is the most memoriable day and happiest day in my life.. is first time we all tutorial 5 group members tooking picture together for our graduation pictures. We all dressed in formal and all looks pretty, cool and smart.

hotlink event 2009 ~time square~(22/3)

me, chun and chien had went to time square to see the hotlink event. Chun and Chien had participated the cosplay solo performance. They both are so pretty in their costume. Chien was her first time dressed up in cosplay costume. hahahha... She really looks suitable with the maid costume. NICE~!!hehe..

At there, we had took a lot of picture, and also with other cosplayers. They also very nice in dressing..^^ besides, i had took pictures with bomberman and asiasoft mascot.