Monday, May 11, 2009


This was the day that we had the last tutorial class(counselling) and lecturer class (disorder). It was Friday. We had taken quite a lot of pictures as a memoriable of the last day. Then we need to prepare for da last final exam...everyone was very happy and enjoy the day. on the last day, our piggy family didnt went to any place. On that day, i was with Kit and Ray. 3 of us went to watch "Coming Soon" (a horror thai movie) and aslo with yeong couple, wt couple, jackie couple and chris(wan sia best friend). It was so fun that day. then after that, 3 of us went back to cold storage jaya1 buy some snacks and drinks. then, we went to kit hostel there watch was quite tiring after that....but i was very happy although it was quite weird with 2 guys the whole day and also the LAST day...hahahhahaha

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