Thursday, November 13, 2008


Today, my dad told me about me when i was small..around 2 to 5 years old..hahaha... i never know that my dad was able to remember the past things so well.. i feel so impressed.. my dad told me that my characteristic is exactly like him. he said that when i was first time entering the kindergarten and primary school, i was not afraid at all. Instead, i asked my dad to go back and no need to accompany me... From this, i able to feel that i quite independence..hahahhaha. Although, i can't really remember my past but my dad able to..because he said "he can remember everything about his own daughters". This sentence make me feel glad and secured to had him as my wonderful dad...forever... I just want to said "I LOVE U, DAD, I LOVE U MUM"~

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Yesterday i had just received a list of friends that had contributed in buying my precious laptop bag for me..hahaha... that night, i already think of sending them my sincere thanks to them(hahahah)... but at last i decided to tell them face-to-face more sincerely.. hahhhaha... still left 2 people haven't told. i hope i can remember it then tomorrow send my "very sincerely thanks to them" hahahahha

Another sad and dissapointing happened in me.. i was so sad...after one of my friend told me one thing.... hope i forgot the sad and not to bring into future

so day can happen two feelings...hahahhaa....hope myself can be more happier

Sunday, November 2, 2008


i suddenly felt that i was so useless... i can't ever help my friends..neither listening to her problems and my course assignment.

first, maybe i haven't experienced any relationship i have difficulties in understanding other people's feeling in their relationship...i might can help in borrowing my ear to them..listening to them...but i can't help much.

i felt useless in my own education... sometimes in tutorial, i being called for answering question..i found that i have difficulties in explaining my own answer... "what the hell i had said.." this few words keep running through my mind.. i was so embarrass. i always stuck in the middle... when in mind will went blank and gone..i can't concentrate..but not enough motivation.