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Singapore & Taiwan Trip (12/9/09 - 26/9/09)

Day 1 (12/9) - around 8am went to Singapore by taking train that depart from Kluang. Already 7 years didn't went to Singapore. My grandma and my uncle always hope for me to go Singapore find them. Finally, on this day i have chance went to Singapore to stay for 2 days and then went to Taiwan by taking Jetstar. When i reach Woodlands Immigration, i almost can't enter bcx my passport photo not really look exactly like me in person. Luckily, i able to enter Singapore. When reaching Tanjung Pagar Railway Station, I want to use my own memory to recall back the way to MRT station. I recall back the landmark there till i found the station. My uncle came fetch me at Simei MRT station. After that, we went to Vivo City for lunch. On evening, my uncle took me to Changi Village bought foods for dinner.

Day 2 (13/9) - Together with ST went to Orchard Road. We meet at Orchard MRT station at around 10.30am. We had lunch 2gether at one of the chinese restaurant in Orchard road. then, we had a walk along the Orchard road..After that, we had decided to go Bugis Junction there shopping. We had a fun and crazy day in Bugis.

Day 3 (14/9) - at 10.30am, me and ST meet at Changi Airport. We were having fun in taking photo everywhere around the airport. We went to visit all terminals and having a lunch at airport. St was really funny when we went for boarding area..she forget to take her stuff during the checking. All of the guards there laughing her... :). M heart was beating excitedly when in the plane cx it was my 1st time ride on plane. It was really fun and unforgettable day.
Around 6.30pm, we had reach Taoyuan International Airport. We were surprised that their sky adi darken like our m'sia 8pm. Both of us went to Taipei main station by 国光客運. We were so tired taking the luggage along while finding the way to mrt station. when we reach 龍山侍, we were unable to contact the other 3 piggies. Fortunately, a Taiwanese girl had help us asking the way to our hostel. really thanks for her.

Day 4 (15/9) - Day to 日月潭 Sun Moon Lake. We sat on bus for 4 hours more...But we can see beautiful scenic area along the way down to the lake...It was so perfectly amazing...When reach the lake, we were amazed by the lake. It was so big and beautiful...we were having fun in riding the boat visit some popular attraction area at the lake. We also had climb stairs to 慈恩塔 We were so unfortunate cx it was raining but not that heavy... Unfortunately, when reach the peak of the pagoda, we were unable to see the whole lake cx all covered by the fog... :( That day we waited the bus till the sky bcm dark... A passerby told us that the bus won't be coming..all of us was so worried. Luckily, there is a nice lady willing to fetch us to our destination...Lucky~! YY started to sick and feeling want in car

Day 5 (16/9) - Day to 清境农场 Cingjing Veterens Farm. We started our journey in early morning. We able to catch bus on time. We went to the 青青草原 Evergreen Grassland. At there, we were bz taking the photo with cute sheeps and beautiful fresh environment. And, we were crazy on taking photo that we were jumping on the green grass althugh we were so tired keep jumping. We were so high at the mountain that enable us to have a wonderful sightseeing the nearby mountains...At night, we were enjoying a splendid steamboat meals that prepared by the owner of the 蕓露 resort. Their resort was so pretty amazing with a nice building structure and environment.

Day 6 (17/9) - Day to逢甲夜市 (Taichung city). Before we going to Taichung, we head up to 小瑞士花园 Small Swiss garden in 清境. There are a lot of cute paper windmills decorating the area. There is a small pond where we can feed ducks and fish. the surrounding was so nice. About 1pm we taking bus to feng jia university. We were trying a lot of local foods such as stinky taufu, taiwan crepe wrap, takoyaki, pearl milk tea, hotdogs burger and many more.

Day 7 (18/9) - Day back to Taipei. We went to Mcdonald to try their grilled bbq chicken burger that Malaysia didnt have it... Then we wait for shuttle bus heading to Taiwan High Speed Rail. We ride on the speed rail from Taichung back to Taipei only for 1 hour.It was so fast. The speed is up to 300km/h. On evening, we went to XiMenDing. We tried the ice-cream, oyster noodle, mix fruit flavoured ice plate, tau fu hua, pearl milk tea and many more..we were also visiting the maid cafe. WT bring us to a shop where can buy variety of beauty product.

Day 8 (19/9) - Day to 台北101 and 五分埔. We start our journey around 10.30am to 台北 101. There is a free shuttle bus outside the Taipei City Hall MRT station. When we were having lunch at Taipei 101 shopping center. Their foods was so delicious and also in big portion..i remember that i was eating bbq chicken don, a japanese cuisine. After lunch, we went to the 101 observatory. We can't feel that we reach 89th floor in 37 seconds...Awesome~!!. We also went to the outdoor observatory and all of us da hair was messy bcx the wind blew so strong...we were having fun at there...^^. After 台北101, we went to the New York New York, Eslite Bookstore and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi. At night, we went to 五分埔. 5 of us were having fun and buy a lots of clothes bcx it is cheap there..

Day 9 (20/9) - Day to 淡水 and 士林夜市. We taking MRT to Dansui in the morning. When we reach Dansui station, we had our lunch in a small beef noodle shop. I love the taste of the beef noodle...the beef is quite big. A bowl have 3 slices of beef...oiishii~ :) Then we start to find historical places in Dansui. All of us so geng, walk quite a long journey till we found 小白宫 and 红毛城. After visiting these 2 places, we decided to stop at a desert shop to have some drinks and ice-cream. We were damn thirsty that day cx walking all day long.Then b4 sunset, we head to the 渔人码头 to watch sunset.After sunset, we went to the 淡水老街 buy food as souvenirs. Bside, we had tried 阿给 and meatballs. Finally, we head to 士林夜市. We went to tried fried chicken chop,stewed pork rib, fried oyster, and many more. We also got buy our loved pearl milk tea.. ;P

Day 10 (21/9) - Day to 阳明山 and 新北投. We went to take bus express at Taipei main station to 阳明山. When we reach there, we were so we didnt do any homework on this we dunno the which 1 is attractive spot. A nice aunty show us the way to the national park..Again,we walked again.Everyday walk,not worry bout getting fat in Taiwan.. :P We were having fun taking photos here and the environment and the sky was so beatiful...Then we went to ride on leisure bus that taking us around the 阳明山. the bus was so fast and shacky...not easy for me to take video on the sights.. Then, we take bus to 新北投. we were having lunch at KFC next to the MRT station. Then we went to find a places for our hotspring. We decided to choose 京都温湶 (NT200 per person for 2 hours). Is a inner hotspring. Then we went back to hostel to rest a while. At night, we went to 西门盯 to eat 嘛辣火锅.

Day 11 (22/9) - Day to 九份 and 基隆. We ride on train from Taipei main station to Ruifang Train Station, then transfer to bus heading to 九份. We went to 基山街(Jiufen old street) to try out their local foods such as 芋圆, a very nice dessert using yam. We also having our tea in 阿妹茶官. it is quite expnsive there cx there are lots of japanese tourist. Then we went to 廟口夜市 in 基隆. We were trying a lot delicacies such as 甜不辣, ice desert, fried chicken chop, sushi and many more.^^ We take train back to Taipei Main Station. During in train, me n yy was taking turns to read chinese word... i had learn 1 sentences "台铁局关心您"...then i always use this sentence for fun.. :P. I was so surprise during late night cx they bought a birthday cake for me. I didn't thought of they still remember my request and take it seriously. wahahaha...thanks to them that i was having a great time with them.. :D

Day 12 (23/9) - Day to 野柳 and 師大夜市. This day was the only day that ST not with us...because she need to search souvenir to her, 4 of us went to 野柳. When we reach there, we walk pass by the with fisherman's boats..strong fishy smell.. that place is a perfect place for having 海鲜大餐 ^o^ When we reached the geopark, we were so impressed that the environment..the nature of the land....was so is bright,together with nice wind, clear blue ocean and brown like heaven on earth..hehehe...just love to be there...On evening, 4 of us meet with ST then together we went to 師大夜市.. at there we ate oyster mee suah, 水煎包, 台湾鸡排...our love pearl milk tea..and more...not really remember..hehehe^^ Then we went to the bookstore..Wern and ST bought few books...They were so satisfied and so happy :P

Day 13 (24/9) - Day to 桃园 and back to Singapore. We went to da culture museum in 龍山侍 that near to our hostel..we only on the last day we went to visit since we pass by everyday...sounds really funny right??hahhaha^^ on this day, we were the first time taking cab in Taiwan..because our luggage too heavy for us to take around till airport...sure tired...Since on the last day, we agreed to take cab to airport. When reach airport, me and st went to put our luggage while the other 3 went to check in. Then we keep taking photo as our last day memoriable in Taiwan...but the funny is every photo is in same place, same a memoriable..After that, me n st head to 桃园市 by bus..but dunno where to go when reach there...just find some food stall and nearest department store...

Day 14 (25/9) - Day in Singapore. My grandma took me to food court and treat me ate Kuey chap... 1 of my favourite food since childhood..Then i got nothing to do when back home so i took a small nap..When i wake up, i walked down the stairs..grandma told me that their puppy, Stitch got injured cx of car knocked it down the road and now on the way to animal clinic...i was so shocked....just remember that this morning got played with Stitch...the last time i saw Stitch....When my uncle and aunt back, Stitch already gone...saw my uncle holding a wrapped white cloth..going to buried in their garden..i do not dare to watch..scared i will cried..just sit in the living room with my cousin cried so badly...

Day 15 (26/9) - Day back to Kluang. Early in the mornig, my uncle fetch me to the railway station..really thanks to my uncle for taking care of me when i in Singapore..I fall asleep in train and almost cant get down to Kluang station...but luckily, the officer wake me up b4 reach Kluang...he so geng..can remember where i need to get down from train...

~End of Trip~

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