Saturday, June 27, 2009


3 weeks at home seems moving back to Kluang from KL felt like a mushroom at home...watching TV, eat and sleep..going out find part time job. One day, i finally get a job from Sushi King. i was happy cause at least i had a job.

1st day of working-want to give up. Dislike the many works needs to handle and learn...wanna die
2nd day of working-got a bit improvement..learn to order...but still dislike the can 1 person do so many things.
3rd day of working-said want to resign..manager asked for resign letter
4th day of working-felt bad if so early quit the job...
5th and 6th day of working- want to die........tired......

dunno i can still work or not..but already had a decision in mind....

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